Our Top Stories of 2018

From breakthroughs in Alzheimer’s funding models to radical changes in the way we deliver price information to consumers, it’s been a busy year in the health policy world. Here’s a look at some 2018 highlights: 

  1. Dave Ricks at the Detroit Economic Club
    We live in a time of unprecedented medical discovery. However, there are still challenges in delivering medicines to those who need them. Our President and CEO, Dave Ricks, had the chance to speak at the Detroit Economic Club about the work ahead to make treatments more available to patients.

  2. What Does IP Have to Do With Union Construction Jobs?
    The U.S. maintains the highest standards of intellectual property protections in the world with 12 years of data exclusivity for medicines. Because of these protections, medicines are researched and manufactured in the U.S., creating thousands of high-quality jobs. That’s why the Pharmaceutical Industry Labor-Management Association adopted a resolution advocating for predictable and strong IP protections.

  3. Bill Gates Announces Investment in Alzheimer’s
    Early diagnosis may be the future of treating Alzheimer’s disease. We were thrilled to hear that Bill Gates committed $30 million to the Diagnostics Accelerator, a project with the end goal of creating a reliable, affordable, and accessible diagnostic.

  4. Launching the Diabetes Solution Center
    This August, we were proud to launch the Lilly Diabetes Solution Center, a patient-focused helpline for people who need assistance paying for insulin. Our goal is to ensure that people paying high out-of-pocket costs receive the treatment they need – and the Diabetes Solution Center is an important step in that direction.

  5. Partnering to Support Access and Affordability
    Our health care system has one primary goal: help people live healthier, more active lives. We often fall short of that goal – especially when it comes to accessible and affordable medicines. Here’s one step in the right direction – the National Pharmaceutical Council (NPC), along with Anthem, is collaborating with the Health Affairs Council on Health Care Spending and Value to start working towards solutions.

  6. Alzheimer’s Leaders Talk Research
    This September, Alzheimer’s leaders came together to discuss the setbacks and stepping stones of Alzheimer’s research at the Atlantic’s screening of acclaimed documentary Turning Point. The key takeaway? Biopharmaceutical companies are currently working on 92 potential treatments for Alzheimer’s disease – but we can’t do it alone. Continued collaboration between industry, researchers, and government is key to our future success.

  7. Diversity and Inclusion Are No Longer Optional in Corporate America
    The Hispanic community makes up 17 percent of the U.S. population – but only 4 percent of executive level positions in corporate America. Diversity and inclusion are central to our corporate culture at Lilly, and we’re honored to work with leaders in the National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators to further D&I goals across corporate America.

  8. Empowering the Patient with Better Price Information
    Patients often face the difficult task of paying more of the cost of their medicines. Ensuring that people are able to access the treatments they need is core to our mission as an industry – which is why Lilly and our peers at PhRMA recently committed to increased price transparency. To that end, our direct-to-consumer (DTC) television ads will now point consumers to information about the cost of their medicine.