2017 Perceptions and Insights of Clinical Research: An Excerpt (Part 2)

Editor’s Note: Welcome to part two of our infographic series exploring the 2017 Perceptions & Insights Study conducted by the Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP). Here, we take a closer look at what people who have participated in a clinical trial think about their experiences—from beginning to end. Check out part one about the information people need to know before deciding to participate in a clinical trial.  

When it comes to clinical trial participation, no two experiences are exactly the same. Every step of the process—from first hearing about a trial opportunity to incorporating participation into daily life—plays a role in shaping people's perspectives about clinical research. To take steps towards improving clinical trials, we must first understand what participants think holistically about their clinical trial experiences.  

Findings from CISCRP's 2017 Perceptions & Insights study show that most people who have participated in clinical research would do it again. But where did they learn about the clinical trial opportunity and what would have improved their experience? Check out the infographic below highlighting the feedback shared by survey respondents who have participated in a clinical trial to learn the answers to these questions—and more. 

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