Unleashing Technology to Transform Health Care

Today's guest blog comes from Dave Ricks, Lilly Chairman and CEO.

We're living in an age where the possibilities for expanding quality of life and length of life have never been greater.  At the same time, we seem to be struggling more than ever to afford and cover these benefits.

I recently spoke at the Detroit Economic Club about harnessing the power of technology to transform health care and bring down costs. Before my speech, I sat down with WJR News Talk 760 for an interview. Here’s what we discussed:

  • We need to reduce out-of-pocket costs for pharmaceuticals. Unfortunately today, most insurance plans give the least amount of coverage to pharmaceuticals, which are, perhaps, the most effective way to treat disease and in many cases, the most preferred way. People would rather stay at home than go to a doctor’s office or hospital to treat their chronic condition.

  • We need to put consumers first.

  • We believe one of the best ways to improve health care and drive down costs is to use more pharmaceuticals. We have a lot of challenges in the current system though, which was really built for problems of 40 years ago.

  • Industry needs to make changes too so that our drugs are more available to patients. This is a critical part of any health care system change, and Lilly is at the center of it and we want to be more proactive in finding new solutions so people can have better care.

To listen to my entire WJR News Talk 760 interview, click here.

To read a transcript of my remarks at the Detroit Economic Club, click here.