Join the Celebration of the Clinical Research Community

We are excited to announce the unveiling of the third and final sculpture in the Hero’s JourneyTM Art family, to be held in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, on the evening of November 16th. While we hope to have lots of people at The Benton Convention Center that night, we know that is just not feasible for everyone. So we're offering a unique way to broaden participation, whether you attend the event in person or observe via social media: through a crowd-sourced art mosaic. Similar to the collection of each personalized brick from the clinical trial community for the sculptures themselves, the collection of images in a final, culminating mosaic will help to carry forward the goal of raising awareness of clinical research.

Here's how to join the celebration:

  1. Anytime between now and November 16th, snap or upload a photo of the art, a specific brick that speaks to you or anything that represents your thoughts and feelings about clinical research.
  2. Share that photo on your Twitter or Instagram account (or both!) using two hashtags: #herosjourneyart and #HJA17. (This activity can be done from any account that is open to public viewing.)
  3. Your shared image will be printed and may be added to the mosaic. We will be sharing the final, completed mosaic on

(There's some important privacy information for you to consider, below, and we also want to make it clear that the Hero's Journey trademark is used under license from the Joseph Campbell Foundation.)

We hope to see you in person or online soon!

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