How Medicare Part D Helps Seniors Live Longer

Medicare Part D helps American seniors and people with disabilities live longer, healthier, more active lives through access to prescription medicines and high-quality care. In fact, Part D is so popular that 3 out of 4 Medicare recipients opt for its coverage. But what makes Part D so important to our seniors’ health? It helps them live longer!

According to a recent study published in the Journal of Health Economics, mortality rates among seniors dropped 2.2 percent for every year Part D's been in effect. In fact, the study found a positive correlation between Part D’s implementation and the decrease in cardiovascular deaths. In other words, hundreds of thousands of people live longer and healthier lives each year because of Part D.

Part D works well and it’s a policy we should keep for generations to come. Thanks to Part D, our seniors can rest easy this summer and soak up the sunshine knowing they have a bright and healthy future ahead.