A Countdown of 10 Memorable Moments From 2016

NASA’s spacecraft Juno successfully entered Jupiter’s orbit, Tiger numbers rose for the first time in a century, cars are driving themselves; in 2016, we have seen triumphs great and small across all industries, including medicine. It’s tough to summarize our story from the past year, but we’ve chosen our top 10 memorable moments to share with you again.

10. Lilly in Space

Our partnership with NASA enabled us to launch some pretty (inter)stellar experiments in space. Results from these experiments could help improve dissolvability and drug delivery, as well as overall drug design. As Lilly principal investigator, Richard Cope expressed, “Our hope is that this fundamental work will take us one step closer to developing better medicines for patients.”

9. Lilly Global Day of Service

On September 29th, for the ninth straight year, 24,000 employees from 70 countries spent the day giving back to the communities in which they work for our Global Day of Service. As a company, we strive to make lives better through medicine – but as people, we work towards the same goal through these acts of service.

8. Clinical Trials and Health Literacy Month

During Health Literacy Month, we defined terms that are frequently used in clinical trials, posting a new word with its definition each day on Twitter. Our goal was to promote a deeper understanding of these words and how they relate to one another.

7. Building Our Global Health Strategy

From providing relief after natural disasters and building a hospital to treat wounded World War 1 soldiers,to today’s partnerships that allow us to fight tuberculosis, diabetes and cancer, our commitment to global health spans the entirety of our history.

6. Lilly Scientists

These two scientists have found friendship and a shared passion for drug discovery. And together, Ling and Jirong inspire each another and their colleagues to make life better for people around the world.

5. Connecting Hearts Abroad

Two of our employees who has personal experiences with cancer talked about their upcoming, first-of-its-kind Connecting Hearts Abroad volunteer trip. Take a look at their stories here.

4. Elanco’s New Acquisition

Elanco added to its current portfolio of parasiticides, pain and dermatology medicines when it acquired Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc’s U.S. feline, canine and rabies vaccines – expanding its offerings to both dogs and cats.

3. Launch of Lilly For Better

How are we working to make lives better for people around the world? Lilly For Better outlines our achievements in discovery, research, partnerships and more as we continue to move toward that goal. Watch videos and explore resources that allow you to dive deeper into the inner workings of our company.

2. CEO Transition

Incoming Lilly CEO Dave Ricks shares the story of what happened when he went to lunch with our current CEO, John Lechleiter, a decade ago. Ricks has been with us since 1996 and we look forward to having another Lilly veteran at the helm!

1. 140th Anniversary

140 years ago, with the opening of a small chemical manufacturing facility on Pearl Street in Indianapolis, Eli Lilly and Company was born! This year, we not only celebrated those 140 years as a business – but also the long, storied history of women at Lilly.

If 2017 is anything like 2016, I welcome the promise of innovation, discovery and partnership with open arms!