See What Motivates 3 Lilly Scientists...

… committed to discovering new medicines.

Lilly scientists have never considered the act of going to work a laborious, mundane task. For these scientists, their work in drug discovery and development is a natural extension of who they are. With their passion for research stemming from interests they pursued as children – from catching fireflies to moving across the world to study medicine – Lilly scientists have always known there was more out there to discover.

Watch this video for a sneak peek of these motivational stories, as told by the scientists themselves:

Today, these scientists are at the heart of Lilly research and drug discovery, dedicating their lives to discovering innovative medicines in areas such as oncology, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, immunology and pain. Innately humble and optimistic, each scientist has a unique story of what inspires him or her to remain committed to finding treatments for some of the world’s most devastating diseases. 

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