An Olympian's Perspective on World Diabetes Day

Today’s guest blog post comes from four-time Olympic cross country skier and Lilly Diabetes Type 1 Diabetes Ambassador, Kris Freeman. In addition to preparing for his fifth trip to the Olympics in 2018, Kris is an inspirational role model in the type 1 diabetes community.   

When I’m skiing in long distance races I don’t always know what’s around the next bend. I’ve come to realize the same applies to life. It can be tricky to figure out how to move forward when big life changes happen. They can be scary – especially when you have diabetes.

My schedule has me training and traveling year-round, but I wouldn’t change a thing about my hectic life. For almost 15 years I’ve balanced preparing for the Olympics with managing my diabetes, and now, as I get ready for what could be my last Games, I’ve been thinking about how I’ve stayed positive during all of life’s transitions.

Community is the key. When preparing for a big life event, whether it’s a new job, a new school or even the Olympics, a strong, supportive community can make all the difference. I know that my family, friends, team and fans have kept me going when things got tough, both with my training and my diabetes management. Very often a little support goes a long way!

This National Diabetes Awareness Month I’m particularly grateful to my support system and the type 1 diabetes community as a whole. Through all of life’s big changes they’ve been there to cheer me on. This month take a moment to reflect on the people who make up your community and be sure to thank them for their support! 

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