Partnership for Safe Medicines Launches in China

Lately, we have been discussing the importance of Asia in the global market and Lilly’s CEO John Lechleiter’s recent trip to China. The Chinese economy ranks the second largest in the world, behind the United States. The centrality of the Chinese economy has made the country a point of concern for practices in areas like intellectual property. For this reason, Lilly applauds the recent launch of the Partnership for Safe Medicines (PSM) China. In an effort to combat the threat of counterfeit drugs, PSM China seeks to educate consumers about this dangerous and growing problem.

Chairman of PSM China, Bai Huiliang, said of the launch, “China’s resolve in protecting its citizens from the dangers of counterfeit drugs has yielded great results and shows tremendous potential for the future. With the help of our partners, PSM China will support the Chinese Government’s efforts to enhance drug safety and improve public health.” Drug counterfeiting spans across every continent, as does the threat it poses to patients. Improving global health requires taking steps in every country across the world to ensure that patients have the knowledge to make the best possible health decisions.

This new effort by PSM China marks an important step in the fight against fake medicines. At Lilly, we are dedicated to ensuring that patients have access to safe and effective medicines, and look forward to working with other stakeholders to fulfill this mission. As Lilly CEO, John Lechleiter remarked, “‘Make no mistake: pharmaceutical counterfeiting – and drug safety in general – is not China’s problem, or the task of any one country. It is a shared global public health priority, and, therefore, a domestic concern in the US, EU, China, and many other countries all over the world. And one resounding lesson is that we can all benefit by working together.”