From Indy to San Fran—We’re on Our Way to MedX

The air is full of excitement here at Lilly as we prepare to take off for Silicon Valley to attend Medicine X 2016. Held on the Stanford University campus, from September 15-18, MedX welcomes all stakeholders from across the health care landscape to become immersed in a truly unique environment. One of the most special aspects of MedX is that everyone can learn from and be inspired by the event speakers and attendees. This year, team members from a diverse set of roles at Lilly are gearing up to attend the event, and I wanted to introduce you to each of them. Let’s meet the team!

Clinical InnovationClinical Innovation Team

Joe Kim, Senior Advisor, Clinical Innovation
Joe is dedicated to bringing awareness to the issues around developing new medicines. He knows that it will take the voices of everyone, from patients, to pharma, advocacy groups and artists, to truly move the needle. Learn more about Joe and follow his Twitter handle, @JoPeKim, for a fresh perspective during MedX.

Kelly McKee, Advisor, Clinical Innovation
Kelly is enthusiastically committed to solving clinical trial challenges through multi-disciplinary approaches.  She believes that there’s more that each of us can do to raise awareness of clinical trials to make new medicines possible. Learn more about Kelly and follow her Twitter handle, @KellyJMcKee, to experience her first year at MedX. 

Jerry Matczak, Consultant, Clinical Innovation
As a long-time respectful fan of MedX and the ePatient movement, Jerry is focused on improving clinical research through innovative solutions and harnessing all voices in health care. Learn more about Jerry and follow along with him on his MedX adventure @gmatczak.

Barry Crist, Innovation Advisor, Clinical Innovation Lab
As a technologist, an architect, and a problem solver, Barry is imagineering patient-centric research. He leads Lilly’s Clinical Innovation Lab which creates compelling possibilities using design thinking, small teams, iterative prototyping, storytelling, and technology.

Brandon Barrett, Innovation Lead, Clinical Innovation Lab
Knowing that meaningful solutions require deep empathy, Brandon aims to solve the challenges of developing new medicines and to make the process better for everyone involved. Brandon has a background in pharmacy and clinical research. He is a proponent of ambient intelligence, wearables, big data, patient centricity, and design thinking. 


Decision Decision Sciences Team

Tyler Ludlow - Senior Decision Scientist 
Tyler has a real passion for helping people make better decisions, including helping to relieve the burden that comes when facing medical decisions. Tyler will host the Shared Decision Making workshop on Thursday that will dive into the science behind how to make better medical treatment decisions. If you can’t make the event, follow along with us at @LillyTrials to join the conversation.


IT IT Team

Dan Koehring
Dan has a long history in information technology but only this year began leading the Lilly IT team focused on patient-centered approaches to clinical research. Dan is looking forward to attending his first MedX to better understand the needs and wants of patients, caregivers, and providers based on their experiences with clinical research. He wants to bring those insights back to the IT team so that they can design and deliver engaging IT solutions that address the right problems.

Romy Brehm
Romy brings many years of analytical and problem solving skills to the Lilly IT team. Building strong relationships with her peers and business partners is a priority for her. At her first MedX, she looks forward to learning from and interacting with people to really get an understanding of their personal journey in health care overall and clinical trials, more specifically.


Social Social Media Team

Deeksha Kapoor - Director, Digital and Social Media Communications
Deeksha leads the digital and social media execution team at Lilly. She is very passionate about social media and is skilled at developing integrated digital communications campaigns. At her first MedX, Deeksha is looking forward to gaining a deep understanding of the most pressing issues confronting the health care industry, networking with innovators and learning about the powerful emerging technologies that can transform health care delivery across the globe. She’ll be actively tweeting her MedX experience, so be sure to connect with her @DeekshaKapoor.

Erin Moore - ePatient Advisor
Erin is many things: marketer, mom, ePatient and healthcare consultant. Erin openly shares her powerful story of the journey with her son’s cystic fibrosis diagnosis and treatment, making her a truly inspiring person to learn from and meet. Erin will present an Ignite! Talk as well as a poster on the power of partnership and collaboration. Learn more about Erin and follow along with her at MedX @ekeeleymoore

Leigh Anne Naas (that’s me) - Community Manager, Clinical Innovation
My second MedX marks a milestone towards my first anniversary as community manager. The two parts I love best about my job are sharing great, informative content and connecting with people through shared stories. So please be sure to say hi, either in person or online. You can learn more about my personal story here and connect with me on Twitter @lanaasindy