About Amy O'Connor

Amy O’Connor leads the Digital & Social Media Communications team at Lilly. She is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame - Go Irish! - and earned a master’s degree in public policy at Georgetown University - Hoya Saxa!

 Amy’s goal is to develop Lilly's engagement on public policy issues to promote solutions that foster innovation and ensure that patients have access to the medicines that help them live longer, healthier lives. Since 2011, she has launched and led Lilly's digital public policy effort with LillyPad in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the European Union; the Campaign for Modern Medicines, a coalition to improve patient access to medicines; and Patient Access to Cancer care Excellence (PACE), an effort to accelerate cancer innovation.

Amy splits her time between Indianapolis, IN, and Washington D.C. In her spare time, Amy enjoys exploring with her dog, cheering on her favorite teams, trying new restaurants, and bringing friends together at her favorite places. With her finger on the pulse of the political and advocacy worlds, Amy will share her experiences and blog about these issues on LillyPad.

Save the Date: November 12 – DAI Advocacy Webinar

What kind of digital advocate are you? An abundance of communication tools has made it easier than ever to communicate with the people that matter to your organization; however, the number of options can be daunting. What’s the best way to reach your core audience?

To help answer this question, the Digital Advocacy Institute will host a complimentary

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Fitting the Pieces Together With Innovation

Innovators in any industry face challenges.  Although the nature of these obstacles vary depending on the industry, you can pretty much bet that time and investment come standard with any discovery process. What does discovery look like in the biopharmaceutical industry? And how does it impact people around the world?

In an effort to answer that very question, PhRMA recently re-launched, an interactive exploration ...

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Making Sure Every Voice Is Heard

The past few weeks have been jam packed with conferences, conversations, and summits all tied together with one core theme: collaboration. It’s a word that comes up frequently in our industry, but it certainly hasn’t lost its meaning. This week, we’ll explore some of our favorite recent examples of working together:

  • Last week, over 170 advocates converged on the Newseum in Washington, D.C. for the Digital Advocacy Institute Conference. In addition to a number of fantastic ...
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A New Champion of Change for MDR-TB

Despite huge strides in tuberculosis care and control, 1 in every 3 cases in the world still goes undetected. This disease has a crippling effect on a country’s social and economic development. In India alone, an estimated 1.8 million people are diagnosed each year. Fighting this epidemic requires ongoing innovative and collaborative approaches.

A recent example of this comes from efforts to bolster ...

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A Truly GLOBAL Day of Service

The legacy of Colonel Lilly inspires our actions today. So, as we reflect on his call for us to make things better we continually recommit ourselves to serving our communities. During this year's Global Day of Service, we set out with our colleagues, friends and family to do just this. On Oct. 2, some 24,000 Lilly employees spanning nearly 60 ...

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Creating a Patient-Centered Innovation Ecosystem

Henry Ford once said: “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” While the automobile manufacturing line may seem worlds apart from the discovery pipeline, both require a reliance on partnerships. The importance of this kind of action-focused collaboration came up quite a bit at this week’s

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Digital Advocacy Institute Conference

Tomorrow in Washington D.C., advocates will come together for a meeting of the minds at the Digital Advocacy Institute Conference. Throughout the day, participants online and offline will explore how digital tools can work to raise awareness, improve public policies, and build a healthier tomorrow for people around the world. Still not convinced that digital advocacy can make a difference? Check this out:

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The Value of Knowing

By 2050, estimates suggest the total number of people with dementia will reach 115 million. To put this in perspective, that number roughly equates to the entire populations of California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Illinois combined. No person wants to hear this painful diagnosis. However, a timely, accurate diagnosis for people with ...

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What Is The Future of Research?

Excellent, and ongoing, health research has always been part and parcel of our innovation ecosystem. By supporting efforts to unearth crucial medical discoveries, we bolster our chances to find new treatments and create healthier communities. Earlier this month, at the National Health Research Forum hosted by Research!America, the vital importance of creating a policy environment ...

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Let’s Work Together to Improve Education

Every year, 22,000 Indianapolis students miss out on educational opportunities as a result of suspension from school. Another 1,800 miss out on opportunities as a result of expulsion or dropping out. A recent spike in crime begs the question: how ...

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